About Us

Tong Xin She's story began in the cool northern mountains of Wuyishan, Fujian province, where the Li family have tended tea bushes and hand-processed tea leaves into the perfect loose leaf tea for generations.

In 1993, the Li family decided to bring and promote their homemade teas to the then-young city of Shenzhen. From this humble beginning emerged two tea shops: the first at Heping Road, and the second at Jianshe Road located at Louhu District.

The Li family’s tea business has since grown and expanded; their tea offerings have widened, though their special Wuyi rock teas remain at the heart of their trade.

(Special thanks to Jake for kindly featuring our tea farm in this beautiful video!)

About Our Wuyi Rock Tea

The rich brown earth coupled with the temperate climate of the distinctive four seasons in Wuyishan result into these famously verdant tea bushes grown since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The tea farms of Wuyi produce mainly two varieties of tea: Oolong and Hong cha. Oolong tea has four variations, with the most popular being ‘Da Hong Pao’ ('Big Red Robe')—beloved for its sweet, heavy-roasted, velvety taste. Hong cha (Red tea) also retains the earthly tone and the famous fragrances of local flowers and fruits only found in the Wuyi mountains.

About Our Teahouse

Welcoming tea lovers from all over the world for over two decades, we find joy in sharing endless cups of tea at our local teahouse. Celebrate the joy of tea and its heritage by visiting us in Shenzhen!


Tong Xin She

Jon Huarong Li
No. 1113 He Ping Road, Louhu District Shenzhen, 518000 Guangdong, China
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